Lorica yarns and fabrics: changing the game in technical textiles by combining comfort with protection.

Lorica Yarn

Our core technology is our 100% OPF yarn. Once considered impossible, Lorica’s DYSP technology has pioneered a process to create a strong enough yarn to be knit and woven with the ease and softness of cotton.


Lorica Fabrics

Our 100% OPF fabrics combine extreme comfort with industry leading fire and electrical arc protection.

Lorica IK9: a 9.5oz interlock knit

Lorica PW7: a 7.5oz plain weave

Lorica TW7: a 7.5oz twill weave



beakerIn our Lorica Lab, our team of fiber, yarn and textile experts work together to bring new products to market that address specific challenges submitted by our clients and partners. For more information or to submit a challenge, email