OPF 2.0 Whitepaper Our Direct Yarn Spinning Process (DYSP) technology enables the production of 100% Oxidized PAN Fiber (OPF) yarn which can be consistently manufactured into fabrics as easily as cotton. The fabric is comfortable, non-conductive, and inherently flash and arc-fire resistant.

Lorica’s patented, disruptive technology is a fabric made exclusively from material that does not burn, melt or ignite when exposed to flame or electrical arc.

Lorica’s OPF has inherent attributes that include:
• Stronger and more consistent than other flame-resistant fabrics
• Superior flame-resistant characteristics over all competitors’ products
• Highest TPP and ATPV per ounce
• Top protection against arc flash fires
• Inherently fire resistant and non-conductive in one material
• Soft cotton-like feel (hand)
• Available in knit and woven fabrics
• Smaller and more efficient manufacturing footprint


   white-paper-icon-1   OPF 2.0 Whitepaper


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